Get Upto 150 Taka Cashback for the first time Credit Card bill payment!

Now you can pay your Visa/City Bank American Express (AMEX) credit card bill from the bKash app at home, at your convenience. Visa/ City Bank American Express (AMEX) credit card bills issued from any commercial bank in Bangladesh can be paid through the bKash App.


  • Pay your Visa or City Bank American Express Credit Card bills through bKash to receive upto 150 Taka cashback.  This can be only availed once.
  • A customer can only avail the cashback once during the validity of the offer.
  • This offer is only for those users who have never done their credit card bill payment through the bKash app before.

Offer Valid Till: 31 March 2021

Offer Conditions:

  • Cashback will be given to the customer if payments are made of the Credit Cards mentioned in the bKash App
  • The cashback will be given to the customer's bKash account within 2-3 working day
  • If the cashback delivery fails for any unknown/unexpected reason other than the customer's account status complications, bKash will attempt to distribute the cashback once again within two months of the end of the campaign. If it also fails to deliver the cashback, no further attempts will be made and the customer will not be considered for the cashback.
  • bKash and related banks reserve the right to cancel the Terms and Conditions of the Campaign or the entire Campaign without prior notice.

Limit: No limit

Charge: When paying the Visa/City Bank American Express credit card bill with bKash, a charge of 1% will be applicable on the amount of the bill. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Only bill payments of Credit Cards are eligible in availing of this offer
  • Only active bKash accounts with sufficient balance are eligible to avail of this offer
  • Credit card bills can be paid in Bangladeshi Taka only which will be applicable for local (Bangladesh) credit limit.
  • There is no limit to credit card bill payments. However, the payment rules of the concerned bank will be applicable.
  • The bill will be sent to the bank's credit card management system for payment. Payment will be updated within 3 working days after bill payment
  • If bill payment fails, dual balance complications will be resolved within 24 hours of the transaction.
  • If the customer is charged a late fee by the bank for making a last-minute credit card bill through bKash, then the customer has to contact the card-issuing bank to resolve the issue.
  • Customers cannot check their credit card bills from the bKash app. Only Visa/City Bank American Express credit card bill payment can be made using the bKash service
  • If payment is made incorrectly to the wrong card number, the customer needs to contact the bank issuing his credit card to resolve this issue
  • If the payment amount is wrong at the time of payment (e.g. intending to pay 500 Taka, but paid 5000 Taka instead) then the customer has to contact the card-issuing bank
  • The bKash Customer Service Representative can note the last 4 digits of the credit card number on the ticketing system, email, or paper (if required), but the customer should be aware that the full card number cannot be disclosed under any circumstances.
  • Under no circumstances should a customer share their bKash account PIN with anyone. If the customer is a victim of any kind of fraud, bKash will not be liable. The customer is solely responsible for any transaction made from their bKash account
  • The customer must be careful when typing the credit card number and the amount of money. bKash is only providing a secure transaction platform. The bKash Authority will not be liable for any errors or misuse of the service while making the transaction.