Interest on Savings

Along with keeping money safe, you can also enjoy up to 4% Interest (per annum) on Savings on your bKash Account.

Interest is offered to bKash Customer Accounts only.

Interest Rate:


Rate p. a

BDT 1,000 – BDT 5,000.99


BDT 5,001 – BDT 15,000.99


BDT 15,001 – BDT 50,000.99


BDT 50,001 and more


For an instance, if you keep a minimum balance of BDT 1,000 in your bKash Account throughout a month, do  at least 2 transactions and keep an average day end balance between BDT 1,000 and BDT 5,000.99 in that  month, you  will get 1.5% interest at annual rate.  on the average balance of that month. VAT & AIT will be deducted as per Govt. rules.

Conditions for attaining interest:

  • Your Wallet Opening Form (KYC) must be accepted at bKash and your Account status must be active
  • You must do minimum 2 financial transactions (Cash In, Cash Out, ATM Cash Out, Payment, Send Money or Mobile Recharge ) in a calendar month
  • You need to  maintain a minimum day end balance of BDT 1,000 throughout  a calendar month
  • You will earn interest on your wallet balance based on the slab of minimum day end balance of the month
  • Interest will be calculated at the end of the month based on your average day end balance of that month
  • The interest amount will be credited after necessary government TAX/VAT deduction to  your bKash  wallet
  • The cumulative amount of your earned interest will be disbursed in two terms  in a year

Service Activation:

Upon fulfilling the above mentioned conditions, all existing and new bKash customers can earn interest; no service activation is required

Service Deactivation:

If you do not wish to receive interest on your bKash Wallet, please follow the steps below:

  • Call 16247 
  • Select language ( 1 for Bangla and 2 for English )
  • Press 5 for Interest on Savings and other information
  • Press 1 for interest related information
  • Press 1 to discontinue receiving interest (If you want to reactivate your previously discontinued interest service please press 2)
  • You will be notified through an SMS after your status change request is processed.